Sponsorship & Commercialisation

KKFootball works closely with rights holders to grow sport and its commercial value. Our goal is to provide the real value to our business partners and fans.

Creating powerful media and marketing platforms

KKFootball brings decades of experiences with sport preparation and promotion. We strive to secure a long-term economic of rights holders in all sports. KKFootball brings you top consulting services to drive greater revenues and grow the overall popularity of the sport or your event.

  • Full consultation, management and support from start to finish
  • Recruiting the right sponsors to match business goals
  • Maximising the value of sponsorship packaging
  • Customising programs for specific industries and brand categories
  • Establishing storytelling platforms for brands to align with sport and connect to customers
  • Developing programmes to deliver brands exclusive “ownership” opportunities
  • Marks exploitation consultation services
  • Managing licensing, merchandising and retail relationships
  • Managing pricing strategy, administration, promotional campaign and sales
  • Anti-counterfeit and rights protection